Since 2014, inspired by a post on social media by comedian and broadcaster Justin Moorhouse, people have been buying advent calendars and donating them to local food banks. 

The reasoning behind this is that, at a very expensive and stressful time of year, the last thing parents who have to go to food banks will be doing is buying treats for their kids. 

Now, we don't care what your politics are but we're pretty certain everyone would agree that people who are using food banks would rather they weren't.


Most, if not all, would also agree that the children of adults who are using food banks aren't to blame for their parents' predicament.

Imagine being a kid this Christmas, knowing times are hard and money is tight at your house. It's hard for them and it's hard for mums and dads.

So please can you buy an extra advent calendar when you next do your weekly shop? If you can afford to buy in bulk, please do, but one is a start. 

It's a little thing we can do to put a smile on a kid's face (and maybe mum's or dad's too). 

Let's aim that every kid has an advent calendar this year.

If your local supermarket doesn't have a food bank collection box already, you can donate to the Trussell Trust.


Find your local one here: https://www.trusselltrust.org/

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